There are many different possibilities for travelling in the Netherlands. Due to the fact that the country is relatively small, you can see a lot in just a few days.
If you need some inspiration of what is possible, we have put together some suggestions for tours. Just click the plus-icon or on the headline to see the text and inspiration.

All our tours can be taylormade according to your own ideas. Please contact us so that we can make a program designed especially for you and your group.

6 days to Utrecht and Amsterdam

Utrecht Domtoren
Utrecht Domtoren

This tour goes to Utrecht, the 4th largest city in the country. Here you will find old and beautiful buildings, enough café’s to have a drink, nice restaurant and friendly people. You will be surprised abot the great atmosphere Utrecht offers!

We start by showing you around in the beautiful city centrum. But we also take time to explore other interesting places outside of Utrecht. Within half an hour by train, you find yourself in the centre of Amsterdam. During this daytour we get to know this famous city with the characteristic houses along the canals, the popular museums, cozy terrasses and maybe a canaltour. Next daytour is to Spakenburg and Amersfoort.
Spakenburg is an old village where it seems that the time has stood still. You will still find elderly people in their traditional costumes side by side with the younger and modern generation.
Amersfoort offers a rich history and in the old part of the centrum you will feel the precence of the medieval city which from the 13th century.

The advantage with using Utrecht as a base is the short distance to Amsterdam airport and to other cities that can be visited as a daytour. Utrecht is a very nice and comfortable city for your trip to the Netherlands, and we always get good reviews from our guests who have been staying here.

History, culture and locals


This tour starts in Groningen. We get to know this bustling student city where both students and locals live side by side and make you feel at home.

Daytrips from Groningen

Using Groningen as a base, there are different possibilities for daytrips. We choose to go by bus to the northern coastline where we go on board the boat that will take us to one of the Wadden Islands. Here we jump on our bikes and get ready for a day sucking up som sea-air, going to the beach and relaxing. We take some time to bike around the island and after this you can enjoy the beaches for swimming and sunbathing, or you can go to one of the cozy villages to enjoy a cup of coffee. However, if you rather fill the day with activities, there is plenty to do!

The Wadden area

The Wadden Sea is the largest tidal area in the world and because of the unique geological and ecological values it is listed as World Heritage by UNESCO. It is also unique in the world due toe the dynamic landscape shaped by wind and tides.

If you are looking for an active way to reach the islands, we strongly recommend that you walk. In the Netherlands we call this Wadlopen, or mudwalking. Yes, you read it correctly! Wadlopen is an environmental friendly and unique way to get to know the area around the Wadden Sea. Together with a local guide you walk with the tides to one of the islands. While walking the guide will tell you about the area you are in. It is a nice trip with fantastic views. Mostly you will also spot seals along the way. Your group will surely get new inspiration from this area!


For the last nights we leave Groningen and head to the west where we will stay in Delft. This authentic Dutch city has a rich history. Delft is the city know for its world famous Delfts blaauw (Delfts blue) cheramics and tiles, painted in blue. But Delft is also know as the city where the world famous painter Johannes Vermeer was born, lived and worked.
We get to know this nice city and due to the central location it is very easy to make daytrips to e.i. Den Haag, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and other interesting places.

If you want this tour to start from another city in the Netherlands, or turn the program upside-down, we will of course adjust our tours so that you will have a program that suits the wishes of your group!

Tulips and cheese

Keukenhof and Feel Dutch

On this 6 days tour we travel from Groningen over the Afsluitdijk and end in Volendam, a charming and popular fishing village. From here we go on different day tours. The highlight of the tour is a visit to Keukenhof – the biggest garden in the world – full of colourful flowers in the spring. Of course we also take some time to visit Amsterdam with the characteristic canals and old houses. We will also visit a cheesefarm and take a walk in the historical city of Haarlem, just outside Amsterdam. Last but not least, we will visit Urk. Urk used to be an island, but is now in the middle of dry land.

This is a very nice tour which starts in Groningen. It fits groups who arrive in the Netherlands by bus. It is of course no problem to start the tour somewhere else.

Whether you arrive with a flight, bus, train or boat, we will start the tour from where you arrive.

Rotterdam in 3 days


During this 3-days tour for groups, you will get to know the modern city of Rotterdam. Rotterdam is a real Dutch metropol and a city that is constantly developing. The impressing skyline is always changing and each time you visit Rotterdam there is always something new to see.
We take care of different activities for your group in Rotterdam. Of course we make sure you get to know the city in different ways and get some inspiration!

Getting around

We start off with a biketrip where we concentrate on the Port of Rotterdam. Get ready for an interesting tour where we go by bike deep into the harbour area and pass different maritim companies, container terminals and an old quarantine area. On the way we will get the best view of the modern skyline of Rotterdam and we also bike through the special biketunnel that goes under the Maas, and even take the bikes on a small boat to cross the water.


There are also possibilities to have lunch on a special pancake boat with ‘all you can eat’ while the boat is taking you around in the harbour area, or in other nice places around in the city if you have had enough of the harbour for today.

What to do

I Rotterdam there are several activities we can offer for your group. Whether it is a guided tour in the city centrum or a city game where you get to know the city while working together in smaller groups. We always find the perfect program.
Rotterdam offers interesting museums, innovating breweries and distilleries. The city is full of great architecture! Therefore we have enough possibilities to make a tailor made offer which will suit your groups interests and wishes.

Just give us a call, or send an email so that we can discuss your program and make sure your group will return home filled with new inspiration!

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