Mudwalking in the Netherlands

Mudwalking in the Netherlands?
Yes, that’s right! Wadlopen, or mudwalking in the Netherlands is a unique way to get to know the Waddensea area. The Waddensea is situated between the westfrisian islands and the Dutch, German and Danish mainland.

You will also find this area on UNESCOs list of world heritage. During this, for foreigners, rather unusual hike you will get to know more about the protected area of the Dutch Wadden islands. The activity is very popular amongst the Dutch, and for a lot of people it is even on their bucketlist!

Dressed in shorts and a warm wind and waterproof jacket together with suitable shoes, you will walk with a local guide across the intertidal sand and mud flats of the Waddensea from the mainland to one of the islands.

It is a great experience and super fun actitivity as a part of your holiday in the Netherlands. Combine the tour with other activities, and make your tour to the Netherlands complete!

What do I bring when going mudwalking?

Hereunder you will find the most important things to think of

  1. For your feet

    You will get wet and dirty of the mud when you are walking, so the best thing to do is to wear high sneakers (like the converse sneakers). Please do not use rubber boots or low sneakers as you easily can get stuck in the mud. Socks that will go up a little higher than your shoes is also a nice tip to make things more comfortable.

  2. For your legs

    A 3/4 legging or shorts are great to walk in. Heavy fabrics can be heavy to wear when wet (and you will be!)

  3. For the upper body

    T-shirt, sweater, wind/rainjacket – remember to dress in layers! It can be windy so we advice you to bring a nice and warm sweater with you.

  4. What do I pack in my backpack?

    It is good to bring a waterproof backpack. Bring an extra layer of dry clothes that you put in a plastic bag in your backpack. The plastic bag is an extra insurance to keep your clothes dry, but also to put your dirty shoes in when we have reached land again. Don’t forget to bring a bottle of water and something to eat. A towel and sunprotection is also handy and remember to pack your camera and mobile extra safe.

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