National Park Nieuw Land

Everybody knows that the Dutch are pioneers in watermanagement and know how to keep their feet dry. In the region of Flevoland you will find the world’s largest man-made naturepark; National Park Nieuw Land.

In this beautiful national park you will find four different areas; Oostvaardersplassen, Lepelaarsplassen, Markermeer and Marker Wadden. Each one of them have their own characteristics and you will be pleasantly surpriced of the nature here.


This is a peaceful area with enough food for the yearly increasing number of animals living here. In this area you will find wild horses, deer and cattle moving around in the reserve. You will experience the man-made but surprisingly natural environment close to the city.


If you are a bird lover you simply need to visit Lepelaarplassen nature reserve. It has become a popular bird stop for several different species and there have been spotted more than 200 different species in the fields, wet grasslands and by the lakes.


For water sports the Markermeer lake is the place to be. This is a beautiful area with good facilities where watersports enthousiasts will be in their element.

Marker Wadden

The Marker Wadden islands is a new and unique nature area of National Park Nieuw Land. The area is still developing.
With the help of sand and clay from the Markermeer lake, new land has been created to form a new area for fish and birds. For visitors there is a harbour, walking routs, bird hides and a beach. This is a perfect place to go to, just to get away from the crowded citylife and hang out spotting birds. From the Bataviaharbour in Lelystad there are boats to take you out to the Marker Wadden. We strongly recommend to do a mini-expedition with a local guide who shows you the island.

Source; Visit Flevoland

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