The Afsluitdijk

For more than 80 years the Afsluitdijk is protecting the Netherlands from the sea. The dike is 32 km long and was completed in 1932, shutting off the Zuiderzee from the North Sea.


The Afsluitdijk runs from Den Oever (province of Noord Holland) to Zurich (province of Friesland). Almost 90 years ago thousands of hands were building this dam, stone by stone. It is an impressive construction that is famous throughout the world.

Fish migration

A new and unique project is the new fish migration river. With the construction of a fish migration river through the Afsluitdijk, fish will now be able to again migrate from fresh water to seawater and vice versa. The river is ca. 3 km long on both sides and the expectation is that millions of fish like e.i. salmon and eal will use this river.

Aflsluitdijk Wadden Centre

You should certainly drive on the Afsluitdijk and also pay a visit to the Afsluitdijk Wadden Centre while you are here. This relatively new centre offers a total experience of the Wadden sea (UNESCO World Heritage), the fishmigration through the dyke, the IJsselmeer area and of course the Afsluitdijk self. IJsselmeer is the name of the sea that was called Zuiderzee before the dam was built. Visitors will get a good idea of the surroundings and insight in the different innovative projects that are being realized. A visit to Afsluitdijk Wadden Centre is interesting for both young and old!

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